Meet our challenge solver - Farnaz Faridnia

I appreciate the value we can bring to helping shape the plant-based offering together with our customers while leveraging our R&D and sourcing expertise.

To respond to the fast-growing interest in nutritious plant-based diets, our customer asked for our support in formulating a meat substitute that was healthier and had a smaller environmental footprint. We set out to help them to develop a range of products using carefully selected plant-based ingredients while securing protein quantity, quality and digestibility.


We worked closely with our customer, discussing ingredients, recipes, dosage requirements and production processes, focusing on product attributes like taste, texture, color and juiciness that are key to convince consumers to opt for the sustainable and healthier option. During the development process we consulted with our Canada-based Savory R&D specialist and our sourcing experts in China. This strong collaboration resulted in the successful launch of meat-free mince, burger patties, sausages and more, as well as laying the foundation for further developments in the promising plant-based market.

Farnaz Faridnia
Farnaz Faridnia
Business Development Manager "Veganism and flexitarianism offer excellent opportunities to leverage our application expertise and provide technical support during the formulation and development of plant-based meat analogs."