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Food Ingredient Repacking & Packaging Services

Close up of the (Re)paking facility, one of the Food Processing Services provided by Caldic

Our packaging services are worth a special mention. When it comes to our contract and toll packaging services, we always offer tailored solutions. Need ingredients prepared for the next stage of production? Our efficient re-packaging services are cost-effective and easily integrate with your own production needs.

Food Packaging Options

We do everything in close cooperation with our customers to answer specific requests. We can (re)pack ingredients in the amount that is most convenient to you or to your customer, starting with quantities as small as 0,5 kg foil packaging up to 1,000 kg big bags. Your ingredients are delivered in the packaging type of your choice, including boxes, big bags or drums and we handle each packaging type on both the incoming or outgoing products.

Quality and Safety in Packaging

When it comes to packaging, we know what is important. Your product should always be protected from any harmful contaminants or other factors that might influence the quality of your product. Additionally it should be easy to open, reseal and store. Packaging and repacking of your product is always done in a safe and food grade environment. With a team of highly trained specialists and world class equipment, it is our mission to professionally package your products.

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