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Richy filled hamburger, great example of inspiring Nutri-Score improved and Vegan Solutions Caldic Ingredients Benelux can provide

Let us Inspire you with our Future-proof Food Solutions!

Kortrijk Xpo, Belgium

27 - 28 October 2021

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-outbreak we were not able to meet you in person to talk about our new products and the concepts our R&D has developed.  
The pandemic however has ensured that a number of trends that had been around for some time are now clearly on the agenda: On the one hand consumers are more aware of the impact food has on their health and immune system. Next to this the pandemic caused a strong advance of vegan products. Plant based food is no longer a niche market.


Our Vegan Solutions

We have been developing plant-based products for more than 10 years and now have a broad range of plant based proteins, clean label stabilizers and vegan tastemakers to make delicious vegan meat, bakery and dairy alternatives.

Looking for Nutri-Score Improved Solutions?

As the Dutch and German government recently decided to implement Nutri-Score early 2022, this food choice logo is gaining momentum throughout Europe. In France and Belgium Nutri-Score is already well-established and we see it more and more being used for marketing purposes to stand out from the competition. Our team can help you improve the Nutri-Score of existing products and to co-develop new nutritious food. Next to this our innovative partners have a broad range of proteins, food fibers and sugar replacers in their portfolio to meet your goals.

Let's meet at our booth

Come and visit our booth (B25) and let us inspire you with our future proof concepts. Because we care.

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