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Rotterdam Skyline

Caldic's headquarters are based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Its organisational structure follows a decentralised model, with executive authority vested in a Board of Directors.

Leadership Team Europe

Laurent Pasqualini CEO Europe
Laurent Pasqualini, Managing Director, Caldic France
Martin Zemp CFO Europe
Martin Zemp, CFO Europe

Europe Management

Femke Krabbenborg HR Director
Henk Boden QHSE Director
Henk Boden, QHSE Manager, Caldic B.V.
Kirsten Rosenbaum Operations Director
Kirsten Rosenbaum, Operations Director
Paul Sloof IT Director
Paul Sloof, IT Director
Michel Dewael Commercial Director
Michel Dewael, Commercial Director Europe

Country Management - Europe

Caldic Belgium
Christophe De Cannière Managing Director
Caldic Iberica
Vicente Alvarez Managing Director
Caldic France
Pierre Boulanger Managing Director
Caldic Ingredients Benelux
Ronald Theeuwes Managing Director
Caldic Nordic
Niklas Ekman Managing Director Caldic Nordic