Caldic announces a strategic partnership with Celesta to bring sleep & stress reduction ingredient blends to US & Canada

Launch Event

Mississauga, ON, March 12:  Caldic North America has announced a strategic partnership with Celesta Company LLC, a leading formulator of science-based stress reduction and sleep-promoting ingredient blends. This collaboration will further expand Caldic's portfolio through the introduction of Celesta’s proprietary ingredient blends and technologies designed to enhance sleep, mood, and relaxation, including the SlumberMor™ and RnRMor™. This new offering will enable the delivery of value-added solutions and help drive innovation in the food, beverage, snack, and pet food industry. Caif Nutrition – the division of Caldic North America specializing in functional and nutritional ingredients – will market the complementary portfolio in the United States and Canada.

We are excited to enter into this partnership with the talented team at Caldic”, said Dave Lafond, Celesta CEO. “Our strong scientific research focus combined with our joint product know-how and formulation capabilities provide a solid foundation to develop new opportunities that address the ever-increasing demand for products that lower stress levels and positively contribute to mental health.


Research proves that relaxation and sleep are critical components to one's overall health and wellness and consumers are searching for effective products, said Nick Bruns, Commercial Head for Nutrition of Caldic North America. Caldic is pleased to partner with Celesta in bringing these scientifically substantiated products to the market and we look forward to working with our customers to formulate outstanding products that deliver the important benefits found in SlumberMor™ and RnRMor to the consumer.


Celesta has developed proprietary herbal ingredient blends that target the well-being, addressing in particular sleep induction, sleep duration, stress reduction, body recovery, and mood stabilization. These blends are scientifically proven and formulated to enhance CPG beverages, powder mixes, capsules, gummies and pet foods. They include SlumberMor™, which significantly improves sleep quality and subsequently overall quality of living and RnRMor™, that helps reduce stress, increase focus, and encourages rest and relaxation, aiding every facet of our day-to-day lives.

About Celesta:

Celesta, a women-owned company, is on a mission to improve sleep, relaxation, and the ways we think about both, through the launch of patent-pending, ingredient blends. Targeting stress reduction, Celesta formulated a combination of clinically researched ingredients that act together to reduce stress, promote calmness, and enhance focus, under the brand RnRMor™. The SlumberMor™ brand was formulated to address the length of time to fall asleep, sleep quality, and sleep duration. Armed with global patent-pending formulations, we are committed to helping people live better lives through quality relaxation and sleep. In support of this mission, we’re also in the process of establishing the Relaxation and Sleep Science Institute (RSSI) to be a premier knowledge center for consumers to find credible information on the science supporting relaxation and sleep. 

Join us at Natural Products Expo West Anaheim, California, from March 12-16th at Booth 3381, to witness the exciting joint launch of Celesta’s RnRMor™ and SlumberMor™, the latest additions to Caldic’s premium portfolio of health and wellness ingredients and blends for the food, beverage, and nutrition market. 

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