Specialty solvents

"From sampling to clean room filling and repacking, our services extend beyond sourcing raw materials."

Adding relevant value to your business

Are you looking for a supplier who can add value to your business? You will find we offer many services including our sampling and clean room services, filling and repacking services, plus our knowledge and experience in supply chain integration. With a long history of sourcing and distributing solvents combined with our expertise in regulatory support makes us a reliable distribution partner and a great choice for co-developing inspiring solutions in pharmaceuticals.

Solvents at the quality and packaging format you require

When it comes to the manufacturing of small and large molecule medicines, solvents play a key role in synthesis, extraction, purification, and cleaning steps. From small bottles to bulk tankers, pharmaceutical customers trust our technical expertise, quality, and packaging capabilities to select the right solvent in the manufacture of medicines that save and improve people’s lives.

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