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Innovative medicines being driven by an aging population are  increasing our pharmaceutical customers' demand for raw materials.  However, a global pandemic, supply chain challenges, and recent world events have resulted in market shortages, supply tightness, and elongated lead-times. How do we guarantee a continuous supply to ensure our customers success in producing lifesaving medicines and therapeutics ?


Our dedicated pharma sourcing team works closely with our global network of supply partners to ensure we meet demand for critical production raw materialsWe have access to multiple sources of compendial materials to offer primary and secondary sources for risk mitigation. We select manufacturers that produce the highest quality products, offer change notification, supply regulatory documentation, and allow audit access. Production delays are prevented by partnering with our customers to regularly review their forecasts, storing key materials in our cGMP compliant warehouses located throughout the world, holding mutually agreed upon inventory levels, and providing detailed reports to customers to give visibility to status of orders to make sure delivery dates are met.

Toni Patton
Toni Patton
Sales Manager North America BrandNu “The global supply chain is becoming increasingly complex and challenging to navigate. Our team works diligently to simplify this process for customers and ease their workload. Partnering with our customers allows us to understand their process and identify innovative solutions to ensure success in expanding their future portfolio of therapeutics and medicines that will improve patients’ quality of life.”