Meet our challenge solver - Tom De Bondt

Calsil silicones are key to resolving multi hair care challenges

Come summer, come hair challenges. Summer time is fabulous, but less so for the quality and looks of our hair. Bright sun often leads to discoloration, a straw like appearance and general dryness. Especially since hair formulators are typically faced with the need for an all-in-one solution.


How to pack multiple benefits in a single, cost-effective formulation? In our quest to resolve this hair repair challenge, we leveraged our technical expertise and application laboratory to develop a stable, multi-functional hair repair serum that delivers on spreadability and a highly effective conditioning effect. Moreover, the proprietary blend of volatile ingredients also results in deep color effects and softness while the unique formulation is skin compatible and free from odors. A unique high performance solution meeting the all-in-one customer requirements.

Tom De Bondt
Tom De Bondt
European Product Manager “Leveraging relevant application know how as well as sourcing the right ingredients combination provides an excellent one-stop-shopping silicone solution for hair care.”