Meet our challenge solver - Stefaan de Leebeeck

The most important thing is that our people return home safe and sound.

Solvents are crucial in many industrial processes, providing key functionalities for a wide variety of everyday product applications. While solvents are multifunctional, they are also high-risk materials that can jeopardize safety, health and the environment if not handled properly. At Caldic we are committed to the highest safety standards to protect our employees from exposure to potentially harmful substances like solvents.


To mitigate potential hazards and address regulatory requirements, Stefaan de Leebeeck, Plant Manager of the Hemiksem site in Belgium, together with Operations Manager Hans Merckx, designed a new installation that enables bottom loading of trucks, which largely reduces the generation of static charge, the formation of vapor and the risk of product contamination. The new installation is also equipped with a fume extractor that is redirected to an active carbon filtering system to capture volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This system safeguards employees and contractors working on-site against the risk of inhaling toxic volatile vapors and helps ensure a clean, healthy working environment.

Stefaan De Leebeeck
Stefaan de Leebeeck
Plant Manager at Caldic Hemiksem, Belgium “After 13 years with Caldic, I still see so many opportunities to improve the site and the working environment of our employees. In this job, all the pieces of the puzzle come together for me: it’s where quality, operations, environment and safety meet.”