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Our experts collaborated with GC to put forth a strong strategy to promote their product.

Entering a market in a new geographical region can be one of the trickiest challenges companies can face. Entering an unknown geography with a new product is twice as challenging. Having a reliable partner like Caldic not only makes the journey smoother but also provides additional avenues to grow one’s business. How then did Connell Caldic support our principal GC to enter the coatings market in APAC?


GC was interested in launching a new product and entering the coatings market. It was up to us to figure out how to position the product, a chemical additive, in the market. Creating value is our forte and after discussions with our fellow market experts, we were able to execute an effective strategy to promote it. Our strategy was also informed by the invaluable knowledge of our technical team. When GC sent us a sample of its product, our experts – housed in our state-of-the-art laboratory – conducted various tests on the product to understand its qualities and application, and ultimately guide the value proposition. The product that is bio-based, high-performance, and has zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with a longer open time was now ready to be promoted. While the initial sales were realized in Indonesia, Bangladesh, China and further expansion across APAC took place in the past two years.

Nurudin Budiman
Dr. Nurudin Budiman
Regional Senior Director, Marketing & Innovation, Industrial Solution “Venturing into a new market can be an uphill task but our market and technical experts were well-equipped to help GC with the challenge.."

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