Meet our challenge solver - Samera El-Idrissi

Facilitating transparency when something goes wrong.

Respect and Integrity are strongly embedded in our organization and guide our people in their work. These values also encourage us to act in strict compliance with laws and regulations, helping us create a healthy, responsible and conducive work environment for ourselves and our business partners. While regular communication and recurring training sessions ensure that compliance is on everyone’s radar, how do we encourage people to speak up if something goes wrong?


In the event that something happens beyond the guidelines, we have put in place various mechanisms to report the incident. For instance, we encourage our employees to follow our ‘Speak Up’ policy and report any breach of our policies and regulations. To ensure all of our employees can easily and discretely raise any concerns, we have made the whistleblowing process accessible through a multi-lingual, anonymous online tool.

Samera El-Idrissi
Samera El-Idrissi
General Counsel “Because we care, we value Respect, Integrity and Transparency. These values work best when having clear and solid corporate governance guidelines. Our culture together with our training program and policies support our people to take the right decision. However, should someone observe a deviation they should feel safe to report it. We make reporting easy via the various channels we provide.”