Meet our challenge solver - Roger Collis

I'm excited to help our customers make sustainable choices through bio-based solutions.

An increasing number of our customers are making decisions based on the environmental credentials of products. Keeping our customers’ needs in mind we actively search for partners who can help us provide industrial products with a low carbon footprint.


Celtic Renewables, an innovative UK-based biotech company, is pioneering a bio-based solution that has the potential to steer the world away from our dependence on petrochemicals. Utilizing an established technology, low - value sustainable biomass material is converted into bio-solvent solutions, such as bio-butanol, which results in 85% lower carbon emissions than the conventional fossil fuel based alternative. Together with bio-acetone and bio-ethanol, these solutions provide greener alternatives for products such as coatings, cleaners and personal care products.

Roger Collis
Roger Collis
Business Development Director “Partnering in biotech solutions for industrial applications, personal care, pharmaceuticals and beyond will support our customers in their sustainability journey. The new range of high-purity bio solutions have an extremely low carbon footprint which will help companies in meeting ESG goals."