Meet our challenge solver - Mindy Lim

Application know-how is imperative to create natural cosmetics that deliver functionality while also being good for the skin.

Globally young mothers are increasingly opting for natural and organic personal care products, for themselves and their newborns. How to formulate a product range that is respectful to nature and also meets the needs of this sensitive target group?


When formulating natural and organic skin care products, especially those that will be used on the delicate skin of newborns, toddlers and young children, it is key to keep in mind the consumer’s expectation on the functionality. To make products that perform well requires close collaboration with the brand owner. While leveraging my R&D experiences, we put together various ingredient blends and performed trials in our application laboratory, continuing to improve the formulas until we found the ultimate solution that delivers on both sensory and functional levels. Soon after our customer launched the products they won places in The Beauty Shortlist’s Mama & Baby Awards, and today the range can be found in selected retail stores and e-commerce platforms across Malaysia and Singapore.

Mindy Lim
Mindy Lim
Technical & Development Manager “The brand owner’s strong desire to create honest, plant-based skin care products that are safe for use by infants required careful ingredient sourcing and thorough application trials. This goes without saying that we also had to maneuver around other challenges such as, searching for suitable natural preservatives which will ensure that the quality and integrity of the products will remain intact throughout their shelf-life. As a result, we’ve managed to come up with several formulas that are effective yet skin-friendly, winning the trust and praise from young mothers who yearn to provide only the best in natural care to their children."