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Solutions that fit like a glove

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber gloves unexpectedly ran into a production problem. The production problem involved the thin polymer layer that lines the inside of many gloves produced for the health care industry. The demand for rubber gloves had skyrocketed at the time, so solving the problem was of the utmost importance.


Looking for a quick fix, the customer decided  to produce their own polymer coating. Finding a satisfactory formulation, however, turned out to be much harder than anticipated. Fortunately, an expert team from Caldic Malaysia was able to assist them with the formulation, the preparation of a prototype product, and then troubleshooting as they took it through a trial run. The issue was solved, and the customer is now much better equipped to meet the increased demand for high quality rubber gloves.

Lister Lam
Lister Lam
Caldic Malaysia Division Manager for Industrial Chemicals “When I first joined the company, I spent the first six months working in the lab studying the products that our suppliers sold to us. As a result, I felt confident providing advice to our customers in the glove industry about which of those products was applicable for any particular job or product.”