Meet our challenge solver - Jonas Schilén

Understanding our customer's development journey helps us to co-create beer recipes that can be enjoyed across the seasons.

After having specialized in fruity and light ales, one of our brewery clients was very keen to develop a range of darker and more malty beers. Especially high on their wish list were softer and smoother imperial stouts best suited for the winter season. Despite their thorough experience and excellent brewing know-how they struggled to find the formulation that would hit the mark and called upon us for support.


With a combined 40 years of brewery experience between our sales experts, our team was well placed to recommend the perfect combination of roasted malts and unmaltedcereals. Additionally,we could also provide help on how to work with the new quantities of malt in the most effective way. Our assistance with recipe formulation, prototype development and further manufacturing were instrumental to our customer's successful product launch of this seasonal stout.

Jonas Schilén
Jonas Schilén
Sales & Marketing Manager “Our wide range of brew ingredients and equipment together with our team's brewing capabilities enables us to tailor our support, ultimately delivering beer solutions that cater to the increasing demand for various beer styles.”