Meet our challenge solver - Femke Krabbenborg

Working with communities to make a positive difference.

Communities thrive when local business become involved and we want to be an active player in the communities in which we work, helping to improve local lives and protect the planet.


Our solution has been to work for the betterment of the world, engaging and working with our communities through diverse projects that make a positive difference. Generally, we stay close to our business premises and sites, so the chosen projects include, amongst other initiatives, local food banks, toy drives and litter collections. In several locations around the world our teams have volunteered at local food banks, helping out with sorting, checking and packing emergency food parcels for struggling households in the region. Besides providing extra pairs of hands, we’ve donated money and food.

Femke Krabbenborg
Femke Krabbenborg
HR Director Europe “More than food, the Food Bank needs volunteers to help with logistics, which meant that our time spent at the center was more valuable than we had realized. And as an increasing number of people will rely on food banks to help them in times of need, we’ve committed to regularly supporting the Food Bank Rotterdam.”