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By tapping into the companion animal nutrition market, we can contribute to the happiness and longevity of our beloved pets while meeting the evolving needs of pet owners.

With the steady rise in pet ownership worldwide, there is a growing demand for innovative solutions to enhance their health and well-being. When a leading Australian pet food company wanted to tap into the strongly regulated market with high-quality supplements, how did we help them realize their ambitions?


Clinical research shows that a healthy gut microbiome plays a pivotal role in overall human well-being. The microbiome breaks down food and absorbs its nutrients to support other body functions. This is no different for our beloved pets. Hence, our R&D team was triggered to work with enzymes that boost gut health and immunity through supplements as a convenient carrier to ensure our furry companions obtain the nutrients they require.

Our market research and sales team recognized this as the ideal opportunity to avail ourselves of the best-in-class enzymes to create solutions that would perfectly meet the customer's needs. We went a step further and developed a custom blend of non-genetically modified enzymes tailored for use in dietary supplements for companion animals.

Our team possesses extensive technical expertise, enabling us to navigate regulatory complexities effortlessly. Additionally, while utilizing our blending capabilities we can develop precise formulations to meet specific pet health needs. Supported by a robust quality system and the ability to obtain Organic, Halal, and Kosher certifications, our enzyme solutions successfully contribute to the health and happiness of pets everywhere.

Damila Mootoosamy
Damila Mootoosamy
Key Account Manager | Enzyme Solutions, Connell Caldic Australia "Equipped with extensive technical expertise, market knowledge, and best-in-class enzymes, we have developed a custom blend of non-genetically modified enzymes tailored for dietary supplements for companion animals reinforcing our commitment to the health and care of everyone."

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