Meet our challenge solver - Alexander Larrauri

Our out-of-the-box thinking combined with the expert know-how from the French Caltherm® team delivered a truly innovative solution.

Our long-time customer, an engineering company, was searching for a heat transfer fluid to be used for a new application in a naval refrigeration project: two deep-sea fishing vessels with freezing capabilities to operate in the tropics were under construction at a Spanish shipyard. So the heat transfer fluid had to have low viscosity at extremely low temperatures of around -60ºC. In addition, the material had to be suitable for food contact and safe to be operated on board, far away from any servicing point.


Once we had a full understanding of the project requirements, including working temperature, flash point, viscosity at critical temperature and volume, we exchanged and discussed the options with our Caltherm® R&D team. These technical experts from Caldic France, have long standing expertise in formulating and manufacturing heat transfer fluids. It took a few video calls to find the best solution for this challenging case: Caltherm® UBVI, a fluid based on silicones: safe, environmentally friendly, suitable for food contact and highly durable.

Alexander Larrauri
Alexander Larrauri
Customer Development Manager, Caldic Iberica “Alone you go faster, but with a team, you will go further! Teamwork and collaboration are in our DNA, together with passion to solve our customers’ challenges”.

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