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Caldic UK and Tagra webinar

Encapsulation – Delivering the POWER of WOW in Personal Care Solutions.

Online webinar. Starting Time: 9.30am GMT (UTC) / 10.30am CET (UTC+1) / 11.30am IST (UTC+2)

20 January 2022

The world of personal care is changing. Consumers, with Gen Z at the forefront, are increasingly searching out new and interesting textures, while expecting sustainable, yet effective products which deliver reliable, full-strength actives.  

In response to this, manufacturers are challenged to be evermore creative and stretch what’s possible with new formulations, ingredients and innovative delivery mechanisms such as encapsulation. Join Caldic as we explore the world of encapsulation with Tagra Biotechnologies.  

Encapsulation not only protects your precious “actives” but allows you to work around product incompatibility. It can also be used to deliver a burst of color or fragrance at the exact moment when it is needed.

It’s the ingredient that adds the power of WOW to your formula! 

Join us in our upcoming webinar: “Delivering the POWER of WOW in personal care”
Thursday 20 January 2022 at 9.30am GMT (UTC) / 10.30am CET (UTC+1) / 11.30am IST (UTC+2)

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Attend this 45-minute webinar and learn all about Encapsulation – Delivering the POWER of WOW in Personal Care Solutions.


Dr Danny Goldstein and Tal Green from Tagra Biotechnologies




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About Partner Tagra

Tagra Biotechnologies is an internationally recognized leader in microencapsulation, having obtained over 14 patents created by a team of PhD’s, experts in microparticulate delivery systems. Tagra’s products consist of unique, innovative, and value-added range of microcapsules supported by scientific research. Read more on the Tagra website.

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