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Ingredion Polyols Sweeteners

Polyols, also known as “polyhydric alcohols” or “sugar alcohols”, are carbohydrate systems with about half the calories of and the same bulk as sugar. They impart a balanced sweetness and enable you to make a sugar-free or reduced-sugar or calorie claim.

Key polyol functionalities and attributes:

  • "Reduced Sugar”, “Sugar Free”, “No Sugar Added”, or “Reduced Calorie” claims
  • Provide sweetness and bulk
  • Low digestible carbohydrate sweeteners: low glycemic index
  • Caloric value range from 0 to 3 kcal/g
  • Balanced sweetness, clean pleasant taste, body & mouthfeel
  • Versatile functionalities, high processing tolerance
  • Non-cariogenic — do not cause tooth decay
  • We can help you to achieve the right balance of sweetness, texture and functionality in your formulations

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