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A cross section of cylindricaly shaped cookes coated in different types of chocolate.  From left to right - plain, chocolate covered and dipped in rice crisps, two plain chocolate, white chocolate covered and dipped in rice crisps.

Caldic is partnered with Clasen to provide you with coatings, inclusions, fillings and spreads that will work in your bakery, confectionary, dairy and nutrition applications!

Clasen specialty products supply exactly what you need to create unique product offerings. In addition to our standard coatings, we can fulfill your specialty needs:

Specialty Coatings

Better-For-You Options - Enhanced custom formulations that deliver additional value with nutritional supplements and health benefits – perfect for your nutrition applications.

Dairy Free - Formulations made without the use of any dairy allergens with the same great taste, texture and stability.

Simply Free - Fair Trade cocoa, cane sugar and vanilla, as well as RSPO Mass Balance Model Oil provide everything you need to create a free-from option that still tastes great.

- A certified organic line of products that are gluten-free
Customized options are available.

Clasen standard coatings are far from ordinary. They offer the solutions you need and the quality you expect to be standard at Clasen Quality Coatings:

Standard Coatings

Classic - Coatings maintain an excellent flavor profile and mouthfeel, and perform exceedingly well as coatings for cookies, nutrition bars and confectionary applications such as fruit or nuts.

Standard - Milk, dark, and white to yogurt, peanut and colors. With a wide variety of appealing colors including vibrants, standard coatings are perfect for every confectionery application.

Select - A creamier, more indulgent chocolate taste for confectionary applications such as making truffles.

Premium - Premium quality with a rich, smooth profile and superior flavours for your best confections.

High Melt - Maintains the same great flavour profile as the classic milk, dark, white and peanut with a higher melt point for all of your baking needs.

Flavoured - A wide variety of innovative flavours such as zesty lemon to sweet and savory sea salt caramel.

Natural - Made from non-hydrogenated oils and labeled trans-free these products are also made with non-GMO ingredients.

Fillings & Spreads

  • Customizable Textures
  • Customizable Flavors and Colours
  • Numerous Applications
  • Bake Stable
  • Pumpable at Room Temperature
  • Rich and Smooth
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth
  • Easily Heated, Cooled and Extruded

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