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Adding value at every step

Caltherm offers a wide range of comprehensive services to ensure the successful implementation and maintenance of heat transfer fluids.

"Caltherm offers comprehensive services, including diagnostics, engineering, on-site assistance, R&D, and cleaning solutions, to ensure optimal performance and longevity of heat transfer fluids in your system."

Analysis kit

The first step to ensure the successful implementation and maintenance of Caltherm heat transfer solutions is to run a thorough diagnostic. It includes several analyses of your system.

Upon your request, we'll send you an analysis kit to collect the sample of your current fluid for a study. After outsourcing an investigation in a dedicated lab, guaranteeing compliance with industry regulations and objective results, you'll get tailored feedback with recommendations.


Our dedicated expert team carefully studies all your manufacturing process, logistics demands, as well as, environmental and HSE requirements to provide the most optimal solution for your project.

Our local representatives will support you in optimizing your costs and developing customized packaging for you.

On site Assistance

Following the outline of your project, our expert team offers optional support throughout the installation process. As we monitor fluids in your manufacturing units, we can ensure maintaining the great performance and durability of your equipment.

What comes to supply chain, Caldic is present in nearly 20 countries, securing optimal availability with permanent storage. In addition, with 50 years of experience in chemical distribution, we master the supply chain to offer you speed and reliability.

R&D / Innovation

Our challenge is to develop innovative non-toxic thermal fluids range, while ensuring performance and cost control. In addition, we use green chemistry to design plant-based and easily biodegradable products able to replace mineral base oils in specific temperature ranges.

Caltherm customers are a key driver for innovation! We can design customized fluids in terms of viscosity, flash point, operating temperature and pressure.

Cleaning Installation

Heat transfer fluid systems are fundamental production components. Even the slightest degradation of the fluid in service can affect efficiency and pose a risk for operators.

Unplanned shutdown, accidental air intake, or contamination are unfortunate incidents that drastically affect fluid quality. Carbon deposits, an oxidation by-product, metal erosion, or increased viscosity impact the quality of heat transfer fluids.

Caltherm invented cleaning solutions for various situations. They are compatible and miscible with most thermal fluids on the market. We guarantee that a proper restart will ensure optimal usage and extend the durability of your installation regardless of previously used oils.

Our experts will recommend a cleaner that meets your system's requirements in terms of maintenance optimization and risk management. 

Contact us

Are you curious to know more regarding our service or wish to order an analysis kit/cleaner, feel free to reach us via Our dedicated Caltherm team will be more than happy to address you challenge.