Stratachem appoints Connell Caldic as the official distribution solutions partner in India

Press Release

Mumbai, 10 November 2023 – Connell Caldic and Stratachem Specialties Private Limited ("Stratachem") today announced a new partnership that will see Connell Caldic appointed the official distribution solutions partner for Stratachem's specialty chemicals in the Indian market.

The strategic partnership will benefit both companies in expanding their reach, as the Indian chemicals sector is poised to triple its global market share by 2040, growing by 11 to 12 percent from 2021 to 2027 and then by 7 to 10 percent from 2027 – 2040, due to rising domestic demand and the diversification of global supply chain networks brought about by evolving geopolitical developments[1].


Gujarat-based Stratachem specializes in the production of antifoams, defoamers, wetting, pigment dispersants and other related surfactant chemicals. Together with in-house R&D capabilities, which enable the development of formulations that meet global standards in performance and cost-effectiveness, Stratachem’s range of specialty additives and acetylenic diols based surfactants are in high demand from manufacturers in both the local and global paint, ink, adhesives, and construction chemicals sectors.


Sandeep Vasa, Director, Stratachem said, “The partnership will allow us to leverage on Connell Caldic’s extensive global distribution solutions network and our deep expertise in specialty chemicals to expand our reach and bring our products and services to more customers both locally and across the globe.”


“We are honored to be appointed as the official representative for Stratachem’s high performance specialty chemicals. I am confident that our combined capabilities will strengthen our abilities to deliver value generating solutions to customers and capitalize on new opportunities in India’s fast-growing chemicals sector,” said Tejas Parekh, Regional Director Connell Caldic South Asia.





[1] Fischer J., Goyal A., Gupta A., Jain R., Nathani N., Moder M., Musso. C, Sanchay, V., and Ulrich W. (2023). India: The next chemicals manufacturing hub. Feb 2023. McKinsey & Company. Available at: [6 Nov 2023].





About Stratachem Specialities Private Limited

Stratachem Specialities Private Limited is a niche formulator of performance additives in India, primarily specializing in antifoams / defoamers, wetting, pigment dispersants and related surfactant chemistries. Its in-house R&D capabilities are focused towards developing formulations that compete against global piers in performance and cost-effectiveness, sought by paints, inks, adhesives and construction chemicals manufacturers, in India and worldwide.