Caldic and Soy Austria forge a stronger partnership to advance sustainability in Europe and APAC

Press Release

Caldic and Soy Austria forge a stronger partnership to advance sustainability in Europe and APAC 

Rotterdam, June 18th, 2024 — Caldic is pleased to announce the expansion of its successful partnership with Soy Austria in Europe. Building on the achievements in DACH, France, and the APAC region, this extended collaboration will now include Benelux, Italy, and the UK from March 2024 onwards. Both companies aim to significantly enhance their impact on sustainable food solutions and natural food production by broadening the distribution of soy-based ingredients across the European and APAC markets.

Sustainable food journey

Renowned for its high-quality and sustainable products, Soy Austria's vision complements Caldic’s food market expertise and specialized distribution network. This partnership will leverage their combined strengths to drive innovation in the food sector, with a focus on sustainability and natural ingredients. By integrating Soy Austria’s soy products with Caldic’s extensive value-added distribution services, the availability of sustainable and natural food solutions in Europe will be revitalized  enabling customers to access and create the perfect natural solutions for their application needs.

Innovative food alternatives

Soy Austria's portfolio introduces an innovative range of clean-label soy-based products, designed to cater to the evolving needs of the food industry. This range includes soy flours, natural soy concentrates, and textured soy proteins, all of which are ideal for baking, confectionery, and savory applications. Meeting the growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly and health-oriented food choices, these products offer versatility across numerous culinary preparations. From organic and gluten-free soy flour ideal for baking to protein-rich alternatives that promote healthier snacking habits, Soy Austria’s product range is crafted for the health-conscious end consumer.


"With established relationships in Europe and APAC, this partnership is a natural step forward in our shared vision for a sustainable future," comments René Skarnager, Managing Director Soy Austria of Soy Austria. “We are eager to set new standards in the food industry and meet the rising demand for eco-friendly products across the Europe region.”

Yves Maltête, Business Development Director Caldic Food Europe, states, "At Caldic Europe, our focus extends beyond conventional growth. This strategic partnership with Soy Austria underscores our commitment to sustainability and innovation. By integrating their high-quality, soy-based products into our offerings, we are not only enhancing our portfolio but also embracing conscious consumption and wellness trends. This allows us to offer sustainable and health-conscious food choices to consumers throughout Europe."