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Caldic and Edenor are pioneering Sustainable Innovation in the European Oleochemicals Market

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February 20, 2024 –Caldic and Edenor are proud to announce a strategic partnership poised to transform the European oleochemicals market. Caldic’s customers will now access a broad spectrum of high-quality oleochemicals. This not only enhances Caldic's product offerings but also helps drive innovation and sustainability in the European oleochemicals market, promising added value and cutting-edge solutions for customers across the continent.



Michel Dewael, Commercial Director Europe at Caldic, expressed his perspective on the collaboration with Edenor, saying, 'Reflecting the enthusiasm and strategic vision shared by both organizations, this partnership marks a pivotal moment in Caldic's mission to offer comprehensive, sustainable, and high-quality solutions to the European market.'


AK Yeow, Edenor’s Chief Executive Officer, conveyed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Caldic, stating, 'Leveraging this partnership to enhance our reach and impact across Europe underscores the synergy and the aligned strategic ambitions of Edenor's products and Caldic's product portfolio and value-add capabilities.'

About Edenor

Malaysia-based plantations are the primary source of our feedstock in order to contribute to the development of a sustainable Palm Oil industry. Edenor Technology is committed to demonstrate practices that contribute positively to the climate, preserve environmental and biodiversity integrity, demonstrate respect for Human Rights and fair labor conditions, Source from Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified manufacturers and suppliers and engage our manufacturers and suppliers using Responsible Sourcing Guidelines Assessment.

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