Caldic Ingredients Deutschland and Caldic Ingredients France partner with Soy Austria

Press release

Caldic Ingredients Deutschland and Caldic Ingredients France partner with Soy Austria to help advance sustainability in the food market

Rotterdam, September 7, 2023 - Caldic Ingredients Deutschland and Caldic Ingredients France are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Soy Austria, which will advance the sustainability journey in the food market. The collaboration signifies the introduction of Soy Austria's comprehensive portfolio of sustainable, natural soy-based ingredients and solutions in France and the DACH region from September 1, 2023.

Elevated Quality and Safety
In alignment with the highest European quality standards, Soy Austria is an IFS-certified assuring reliable production practices. The addition of a non-GMO EU certificate further fortifies their dedication to product integrity. Based on local contract farming, Soy Austria ensures streamlined import processes, while the sourcing of soybeans exclusively from Austria and neighboring EU countries amplifies commitment to traceability.  

René Skarnager, Managing Director, Soy Austria: "Capitalizing on Caldic's extensive network and Soy Austria's expertise in natural food solutions, we are set to forge a robust alliance that places sustainability and natural ingredients at the heart of our enterprise.” René Skarnager continues: “Not only are we partnering with Caldic Ingredients Germany and Caldic Ingredients France, but we're also working together to expand into other global regions where our customers can experience the advantages of our collective team endeavors.”

Sustainability and Naturalness food journey
Central to the partnership is an unwavering dedication to sustainability and the naturalness of food products. Soy Austria processes soybeans with the help of mechanical and thermal processing, eliminating chemicals, solvents and auxiliaries. Notably, their energy is sourced entirely from sustainable sources with minimal use of drinking water. Furthermore, every part of the soybean is utilized, leaving no waste. 

“This partnership underlines the joint commitment to fostering sustainable natural ingredients, and responsible practices,” says Gabriel Wachter, Managing Director, Caldic Ingredients Deutschland. “Together with Soy Austria, we are well-placed to support and advise our customers on their sustainable food journey. I’m very excited for our collaboration.”

Innovative alternatives for Meat, Dairy and Bakery solutions
The clean-label product offerings allow Caldic and Soy Austria to provide customers with solutions for various applications, including soy flour for bakery products. These alternatives encompass both organic and gluten-free options, catering to various dietary preferences. Designed with health-conscious consumers in mind, these products provide protein enrichment and healthier snacking choices. 

Mathilde Choler, Product Manager, Caldic Ingredients France highlights: “The addition of the Soy Austria portfolio perfectly complements our current specialty clean-label product range. Our expert food technologists are keen to formulate Soy Austria's soy-based ingredients into new categories, creating new opportunities in a market that is craving for natural and sustainably sourced food.”


About Soy Austria

Soy Austria produces natural, sustainable, non-GMO soy-based ingredients for the global food industry. Their commitment is to have perfected the processing of soy, using every part of the bean in order to create a multifunctional portfolio of 100% natural soy food ingredients. The production is based on quality standards according to the highest European standards, with the usage of EU-origin soybeans of EU, and the vast majority coming from Austria.
Sustainability and natural ingredients are the core values of their business, so if that is important to you, Soy Austria is your NATURAL SOYLUTION.