Avatar Corporation: fully integrated and rebranded to Caldic

Press release

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, January 30, 2023 - As of today, Avatar Corporation is officially Caldic. The Chicago-based organization has fully integrated its unique value-add distribution and manufacturing capabilities for specialty food ingredients into Caldic – creating a powerful organization that is equipped to unlock opportunities for value creation hand-in-hand with food and nutrition manufacturers in North America, especially in the US. A wider portfolio of ingredients and services is now available to inspire food solutions that positively impact consumers.  

The acquisition of Avatar Corporation by Caldic was announced on September 1, 2022. With this, Caldic continues to expand its footprint in the food industry, focusing on bakery, meat, pet food, dairy, and confectionery products, while offering an enhanced portfolio that comprises products like food processing aids. The market-leading innovative range of release agents – optimized according to the customers’ unique products – enables us to help drive operational efficiency as part of our customers’ sustainability ambitions. Furthermore, a larger team of food technologists and blending experts can assist in liquid formulations to provide customized solutions. Additionally, US customers can now benefit from an onsite industrial railroad service with terminal, transloading, and railcar storage, which provides an alternative transport channel that is flexible and environmentally friendly as well as in alignment with Caldic’s ESG proposition.

Anne Brown, the CEO of Caldic North America, says, “We are amazed by our new colleagues and grateful to them because they have embraced Caldic with such fervor. The speed and agility at which they successfully and smoothly transitioned to the Caldic organization and brand, and the seamless blending of our cultures in such little time is truly phenomenal. The Chicago-based state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and warehousing as well as a dedicated R&D laboratory are helping us provide our North American customers with a broader product and services portfolio. This is truly an exciting moment for all of us at Caldic as we work together to explore opportunities to develop innovative and sustainable food solutions.”