Trusol specialty and functional blends for your product and process needs.

Trusol covers a wide portfolio of food and beverage solutions that address product attributes including appearance, taste, shelf-life (texture & micro), viscosity, stability, and process efficiencies.

Trusol has distinct sub-brands:


Trusol Promase - dough conditioner systems

Trusol Mold X - clean-label mold inhibitor

Trusol Lift & Lite - baking powder systems

Trusol Extol - specialty blends including systems for label enhancement, ingredient replacement, or cost reduction

Trusol Bind - stabilizer systems for structure, texture, homogeneity, and suspension, preventing the application from separating or breaking down

With Trusol solutions, you also get:

  • Blended solution enhancing efficiencies with simplified inventory and production processes
  • Generic or customized solutions
  • Innovative with strong technical support to assist with market and regulatory changes
  • Collaborative and fully engaged R&D team