Demineralised Water

Demineralized water is water that has been purified to remove all minerals and salts through a process called ion exchange. In the maritime industry, demineralized water is commonly used for a variety of applications, including boiler feed water, cooling systems, and laboratory testing.


Boiler feed water is the water that is used to generate steam for propulsion and other purposes on board the vessel. Using demineralized water for boiler feed water is important, as minerals and salts in the water can cause scaling and corrosion in the boiler, which can lead to reduced efficiency and increased maintenance costs.


In addition to boiler feed water, demineralized water is also used in the cooling systems on board ships. Cooling systems rely on a constant flow of water to dissipate heat from the engines, and using demineralized water helps to prevent scaling and corrosion in the system, which can reduce efficiency and lead to costly repairs.


Overall, demineralized water is an important component of many systems on board ships, and it plays a critical role in ensuring efficient and reliable operations while also preventing costly maintenance issues.