LANXESS Lewatit® Ion exchange resins and Bayoxide® adsorbents

Reduce your environmental impact by lowering your water consumption with energy-saving and cost-efficient purification processes

With increasing demand for natural resources and energy, combined with the increase production cost, optimizing process efficiency and reducing consumption has become a key challenge for water treatment experts. Additionally, to protect health and safety, EU legislation has placed restrictions on industries and municipalities, by lowering the admitted levels of pollutants in sewage and drinking water – requiring them to look for innovative solutions to meet the safety standards.

Discover the capabilities of LANXESS Lewatit® Ion exchange resins and Bayoxide® adsorbents for water-softening, purification processes, and arsenic & metal-removal

With more than 80 years experience in proven solutions, the Lewatit® and Bayoxide® ranges are the best solutions to purify liquid media for numerous applications in the industry. Among them are:


- Mining / hydrometallurgy : Alcalines and metals purification, uranium recovery

- Chemistry / petrochemistry : Brine and olefin purification, halogens and acid removal

- Household : Removal of hardness, water-softening, dealkalization

- Municipal water treatment : PFAS, heavy metals, metabolites and arsenic removal

- Pharmaceutical / biotechnologies : Alcaloids, terpens, biomolecules purification

- Food / beverages : Amino acids and sugar refining, softening and demineralization

- Power generation : Condensate polishing, nuclear-grade purification

- Semiconductor / photovoltaic : Ultrapure water production


Thanks to its longstanding expertise, LANXESS has developed a unique production process, offering the highest quality of ion exchange resins with monodisperse beads, functionalized with a wide range of cations or anions.



“The LANXESS ion exchange resins and iron oxide adsorbents commit all the needs in wastewater treatment, drinking water production and also for industrial processes. By permanently developing new solutions, LANXESS gives us the guarantee of meeting the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow”

Tailored solutions and technical support with Caldic

Following its transformation into a global solution provider, Caldic has signed a partnership with LANXESS to offer larger and quicker access to this technology and help our customers to find a tailor-made solution to fulfill their requirements. By working hand-by-hand with LANXESS and sharing our expertise, we strengthen our knowledge and ability to answer your needs, whatever they are and whenever you want thanks to our R&D and supply chain teams.


Our goal is to not only care about existing environmental issues but also to prevent new ones, in view of EU legislation and our own sustainability ambitions. Ware on the lookout for greener solutions, which already exists in Lanxess’ portfolio. Discover the Lewatit Scopeblue® range of ion exchange resins, based on sustainable raw materials following the mass balance approach. A strong indicator of Lanxess’s commitment to sustainability is their goal to reach carbon neutrality in 2040, ten years before the targeted goal by the EU commitment.

Let's collaborate

We are always happy to discover new challenges. Reach out to us to collaborate during one of our technical thematic days, and uncover the different applications we are already working on, and the new ones we are set to innovate.


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For more information please check: LANXESS New distribution partner for Lewatit

Example Applications

Removal of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in municipal drinking water – regarding the arrêté du 27 juin 2023 relative to the analysis of PFAS in ICPE plants                                                                  Chlore-Alkali brine purification in India


Removal of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in                                                                                    Chlore-Alkali brine purification in India

municipal drinking water – regarding the arrêté du 27 juin 2023  

relative to the analysis of PFAS in ICPE plants