Fire-Safety Solutions that are unmatched

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High-Quality Offerings

Made with the highest quality raw materials, Furex’s portfolio consists of products manufactured exclusively in Germany – thus, offering the highest quality assurance. 

Guaranteed availability

Our large warehousing capabilities allow us to fulfill our customers' demands and ensure constant availability throughout the year.

Proficient R&D

Our skilled in-house R&D teams are committed to working to improve our products. We test our products against others in the market to ensure quality and effectiveness while constantly driving innovation to create solutions that are also cost-effective.


Our teams can work with you to develop tailor-made fire-extinguishing solutions for your specific needs.

Customized Packaging 

We have standard packing types like 1,000 kg bags and 25 kg paper bags for our powders. Our liquid fire extinguishing agents are generally packed in 1,000 kg IBCs, 200 kg drums, or 25 kg PE cans.


Furthermore, in addition to standard packaging, we provide packaging customized to your requirements.

Assistance and Support

In addition to individual modifications to our products, we offer consultancy services and the assistance of our experienced lab professionals during all required approval processes. We actively support and organize your approval activities with our experienced specialists.

Caring for the Environment

There is an increasing awareness of the hazardous effects of perfluorinated surfactants and other per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on water and living beings – resulting in strict regulations against them. However, liquid extinguishing agents have traditionally used these surfactants for a long time.

Our R&D team has developed a range of liquid agents that reduce the content of fluorinated surfactant in many products and completely eliminate it in others. This product line does not compromise on efficiency, is fully compliant with all the necessary regulations, and is environmentally effective.


                                          Quality Services