Meet our challenge solver - Frank McLaughlin

I really enjoyed problem solving and thinking outside the keg, to deliver an innovative solution that solved safety concerns for our customer.

A customer approached us as they were experiencing an issue while working with a combination of chemical products. When mixing the products in 20 liter kegs, the employees protective gloves were put under such strain that they would split, leading to a potential release of dangerous materials. In addition to this hazard, employees were also putting their health at risk through prolonged stooping caused by reaching into the kegs.


After hearing about the situation, Frank started brainstorming solutions. He set upon the idea of using larger, and importantly, taller kegs, which would mitigate the risk caused by gloves being over-stretched. There would also be no need for the employees to bend down into the keg, therefore eliminating the risk of back injury.

Frank’s initial task was to investigate alternative keg suppliers. Once he’d found a good option, he checked to ensure that the vessel would meet the stringent safety requirements for holding the chemical substances. Once the safety and compatibility checks were complete he went to the customer to show the option to source a, locally manufactured, larger drum.

The customer was incredibly pleased to hear the innovative solution and appreciative of the extra steps taken to investigate and deliver a safer solution for their employees and their business.

Frank McLaughlin
Frank McLaughlin
Customer Development Manager, Caldic UK

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