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The extensive training from Kerry combined with our market research and technical solutions, enabled us to expand Wellmune's share in the immune health market in Asia.

Boosting immunity has been high on consumers’ agenda ever since the pandemic. While the government implemented stringent measures, shoppers were increasingly searching for healthy food options to help boost their immunity and improve their health. As a distribution solutions partner to Kerry, a market leader in developing and manufacturing digestive health and immune-boosting functional ingredients, how could the Caldic team ensure Kerry’s share of the pie?


Equipped with learnings and know-how from the extensive training provided by Kerry, we conducted in-depth market research to identify opportunities for nutritional propositions. We presented the functional ingredients with their potential applications to a supplements manufacturer – supported by our application experts, and we highlighted the clinically-backed health benefits and technical details of Wellmune®, a yeast beta-glucan known to boost immunity, along with our technical solutions.  

Partnering with a cGMP-certified manufacturer also meant liaising with Kerry to ensure that they met all required standards as a supplier. But our support did not stop there, we actively engaged to provide technical advice and guidance for the development of the new customer’s supplements. Interestingly, our proficiency in forecasting and optimizing ordering processes, by working with Kerry's manufacturing and logistics teams, enabled us to improve lead times – an issue the manufacturer had been facing for quite some time. We’re proud that the two new Wellmune-based products we aided in the development of are set to launch in early 2023.


Alcoli Cao
Alcoli Cao
Technical Account Manager, Caldic New Zealand “We used extensive training and market research to present the potential applications of the ingredients, supported by our experts, and our technical solutions."

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