Introducing UniPECTINE®: The label-friendly texturizer

Today‚Äôs consumers seek label-friendly ingredients they can trust. At Caldic, in partnership with Cargill, we are excited to offer Cargill's UniPECTINE® solutions, designed to meet these demands.

Enhance your food product with UniPECTINE®

Whether you require specific gelation, setting speed, viscosity, mouthfeel, or stabilization, UniPECTINE® offers solutions that have undergone extensive testing to deliver outstanding consumer products. Sourced from citrus peels and apple pomace, the nature-derived UniPECTINE® range boasts significant label-friendly appeal. This unique, water-soluble texturizer excels in gelling, stabilizing, and thickening. Cargill’s UniPECTINE® portfolio includes high and low methoxyl pectin solutions suitable for both acidic and neutral environments, varying sugar concentrations, and high-temperature processing, providing versatile solutions.

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