Discover Cargill’s functional and label-friendly starches

Are you aware that modern consumers now demand their favorite products to contain straightforward and recognizable ingredients? They prefer simpler labels and ingredients they are familiar with. In a recent study conducted by Cargill, a remarkable 70% of EMEA consumers emphasized the importance of being able to identify the ingredients in food. This poses a significant challenge for food manufacturers to create appealing products that cater to this trend.

Engaging the senses with familiar labels and simple ingredients for Culinary, Dairy, Meat and Plant-based alternatives.

Caldic is delighted to contribute to meeting the constantly increasing consumer demand for simplicity and familiarity. Through our partnership with Cargill and its SimPure® starches, we offer nature-derived and efficient processing solutions to food manufacturers, enhancing processing flexibility, extending shelf life, and ensuring storage stability. These nature-derived solutions leverage the unique properties of corn and tapioca to address today’s most important texturizing challenges. The SimPure® functional starches are an excellent choice to provide body and viscosity in dairy, culinary, meat applications, and in plant-based alternatives.

Simple, yet powerful SimPure® solutions

• Label-friendly: nature-derived, familiar, and simple ingredients

• Broad functionality: suitable for a wide range of consumer products, thanks to the broad portfolio suitable both for hot and cold processes

• Body & mouthfeel: enhances the flavor and texture of everyday products


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"Through Cargill’s SimPure® range, we can help address consumers’ desire for simple ingredients and familiar labels that still indulge the senses. Together with Cargill, we're not just changing ingredients; we're shaping the future of food with every bite."

 Kristien Gerits

Kristien Gerits

Principal Manager Food Europe