Bakery excellence with Lecimulthin®

Cargill’s nature-derived, label-friendly emulsifiers

In today’s market, consumers demand the best of both worlds: simpler, less processed foods made from recognizable, sustainably sourced ingredients. This shift towards cleaner, more transparent labeling presents a unique set of challenges for bakery manufacturers, pushing the need for innovation in using label-friendly ingredients.

The Lecimulthin® range by Cargill, presented by Caldic, is at the forefront of addressing these challenges, delivering de-oiled lecithin bakery solutions that don’t just meet but exceed expectations in both performance and label transparency. Its formulation is characterized by sufficient water dispersibility ensuring consistent dough quality. The elevated phospholipid content enhances emulsification, contributing to lighter, airier baked goods with extended freshness. Ideal for a wide range of bakery applications, from bread to pastries, the Lecimulthin® range is designed to optimize your baking processes and product outcomes. Whether your goal is to bring innovation to the market or elevate your existing product lineup, Lecimulthin® delivers the adaptability and performance essential for your success.

Why choose Cargill lecithin?

  • The most extensive range of lecithin products for all types of applications, in different formats and quality grades.
  • Safe and compliant lecithin products through our solid supplier management system.
  • Global scale enables us to minimize the impact on our supply chain from disruptions and guarantee stable contract pricing.
  • Your trusted global partner with local expertise, insights and know-how, focused on your growth.

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