Sustainable Personal Care Redefined

Discover the Power of Berg+Schmidt Functional Lipids – Caldic's Trusted Partner

Partnering with Berg+Schmidt, a trusted leader with over 60 years of experience in the oleochemicals sector, Caldic opens the doors to a world of limitless opportunities. As specialists in functional lipids for cosmetic applications, Berg+Schmidt has secured an exceptional position in international markets and continues to expand its range of functional ingredients.

Discover an extensive portfolio of sustainable ingredients, derived from vegetable oils, carefully curated by Berg+Schmidt, available through Caldic. Experience the allure of a diverse selection, including fatty alcohols, fatty acids, fatty acid esters and other sustainable ingredients derived from vegetable oils, which offer manifold possibilities for the optimization of cosmetic formulation. The emollient and emulsifying properties of Berg+Schmidt's multifunctional esters range provide performance to formulators and safety to consumers. Berg+Schmidt's commitment to continuous growth means you can always expect an expanding product range, meeting requirements for Cosmos, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Asthma Allergy & Vegan.

Simplify your ingredient sourcing with Caldic as your partner and gain access to the comprehensive offerings of Berg+Schmidt. Embark on a transformative journey with Berg+Schmidt Functional Lipids – the trusted partner of Caldic to redefine your personal care products.

About Caldic

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