Unlock the future of food preservation and waste reduction in bakery and meat

Did you know that nearly one-third of the world's food production ends up as waste? This alarming fact has profound implications for the sustainability and economics of our global food systems. In a time marked by rising inflation and challenges within supply chains, it is more crucial than ever to ensure that your products do not contribute to this wasteful food cycle.

Empowering a sustainable future

As recent research conducted by Kerry has revealed, a remarkable 98% of end consumers are reshaping their purchasing habits to reduce food waste. This transformation includes a willingness to switch brands if it means reducing waste in their homes. It is worth noting that bakery and meat products, which are among the leading contributors to food waste, offer a significant opportunity for change. Caldic is pleased to support the transformative journey in these sectors by offering the Kerry product range that is tailored to address your end customers' most pressing needs. From extending shelf life and optimizing costs to achieving your sustainability objectives, we are dedicated to helping you navigate this era of conscientious consumption. Together, we can lead the way in pioneering change and satisfying end consumers' demands for fresher, more sustainable, and less wasteful food products.

Our latest advancements in food protection and preservation solutions in bakery and meat, perfectly align with the growing consumer interest in the field while meeting your specific requirements.

Let us assist you in your food preservation journey with Kerry’s product range and solutions.

Food Safety

Proven efficacy and research-backed solutions that ensure the safety and integrity of your food products.

Shelf-life extension & quality maintenance

Leveraging the collective expertise and ingredients of Caldic and Kerry, we extend shelf life without compromising on quality.

Taste, nutrition, appeal

Elevate the sensory experience and visual appeal of your products while preserving their delicious taste.

Let’s collaborate

Discover how preservation and shelf-life extension can help your products reduce food waste and score a win with your consumers! Reach out to our expert team or download our Kerry preservative bakery and meat product brochures.