Meet our challenge solver - Martin Bor

Partnering with our quality suppliers enables us to customise natural formulations.

A significant number of consumers are suffering from dry skin and eczema. While searching for a solution to soothe the skin and lower the inconveniences, there is an increasing interest in plant based natural product and thus strong preference for natural solutions.


While seeing consumers turning to cannabis based ingredients, our application experts teamed up with our partner Gale&Cosm, to innovate using hemp as a raw material. Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant known for its immense strength and use in clothing, building materials and paper. In recent years, because of its healing and soothing benefits, it has proven to be very useful in cosmetics as well. The combination of our expertise and the know-how of our partner resulted in the creation of the GaleHemp® line.

Martin Bor
Martin Bor
Customer Development Manager Health & Personal Care "The natural fatty acids and antioxidants in hemp seed oil have proven to be beneficial in the GaleHemp formulation. Leveraging the state of the art in-house laboratories and technical expertise was key to jointly drive this product innovation that effectively provides relief from dry skin and eczema irritations.”