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What do we use cookies for?


The information Caldic collects via cookies (the “Cookie Information”) permits us to analyze the user’s traffic patterns, which, amongst other things, enables us over time to provide the user with a better information when using the Caldic Website, both by improving the content and making it easier to use. As examples, we use cookies to remember your: language and country; browser settings and plug-ins; usage of the Caldic Website. The cookies enable Caldic to remember your settings, thereby avoiding having to ask for the specific information each time you visit.

Third parties

Some of the cookies we use on the Caldic Website are from third parties that help us advertise, serve content, and measure the impact of our website. Such third parties can be divided into the following categories:

  • Advertising: We use third party vendors, including Google, to display ads on sites on the internet. These vendors may use third party cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to the Caldic Website.
  • Analytics: We sometimes use cookies from third parties, including Google Analytics, to enable us to perform analyses of information on location, interests and the like to learn about our visitors and to measure the performance of our website and website content.
  • Social: Some third party cookies enable the visitors of the Caldic Website to use social media features, like sharing, sending or recommending pages to others. Such third parties include, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

Can I reject and/or delete these cookies?

You may reject and/or delete cookies if you no longer wish to store them on your computer. However, please note that the high quality of the Caldic Website, including the functionalities and services we provide, may be reduced or will not work as a consequence thereof.

How do I reject and/or delete these cookies?

All browsers permit that you reject and/or delete cookies either one at a time or all at once. The procedure for this depends on the browser you use. Please remember to reject/delete cookies in all the browsers you use to visit the Caldic Website.