Prokote® release agent solutions are designed to enhance smooth and efficient plant operations by facilitating the clean release of food products from equipment surfaces.

Tap into the most diverse liquid processing aid portfolio supported by an innovative technical team for optimal performance which complements your unique processing environment. 

We get to the heart of your initiatives by supporting improvements in economics and sustainability, energy consumption, application rates, and cleaning cycles in areas from baked goods, to meat processing, confectionery, nutritional bars and cereals, even pet food – and everything in between.

With Prokote, we offer:

  • Oil-based, water-miscible, and lecithin blends
  • Customizable solutions supported by dedicated R&D
  • Pilot kitchen and spray application lab to vet solutions in your application
  • Targeted product selection supporting high smoke point and polymerization resistance
  • Compatible with spray, dip pan, bath and electrostatic guided application systems
  • Allergen-free, preservative-free, non-GMO, and organic certified formulations available