Liquid Fire Extinguishing Agents

Liquid fire extinguishing agents have a wide application range. Depending on the chemical composition, they may be suitable for extinguishing forest, liquid, or fat fires. Chemical additives can also be used to enhance them. 

                                                                                                                                 Ready-mix   Solutions

Liquid ready-mix fire extinguishing agents are versatile tools in fire safety. These agents are pre-mixed solutions designed to quickly suppress fires. They often contain a blend of water, foam, or other fire-suppressing chemicals, making them effective for a wide range of fire classes, including Class A (solid materials), Class B (flammable liquids), and Class C (electrical) fires.


Their primary advantage is ease of use. As they are pre-mixed, they are readily available for immediate deployment, which can be crucial in emergency situations. Additionally, their ability to create a cooling and smothering effect on the flames makes them valuable in swiftly controlling fires and preventing re-ignition.


Liquid ready-mix fire extinguishing agents are commonly found in firefighting equipment, making them accessible and effective tools for firefighters and first responders. Their adaptability to different fire types and quick response capabilities contribute to their importance in modern fire safety.



Products Fire Class Lowest application temperature



Furex Silva (Forest) F

 A  -30°C

34 A

     Fluorine free

Furex Forte Bio Plus



27 A

 144 B  
Furex Optima F AB -25°C 27 A  144 B  

Furex FF



21 A

   75 F
Furex Casa Bio AF -30°C 21 A    75 F
Furex Forte F AB -30°C 34 A  144 B   Contains fluorine
Furex Casa ABF -30°C 21 A  183 B  75 F

Additives for fire extinguishing agents are essential components that enhance the effectiveness of fire suppression. These specialized chemicals, when added to extinguishing agents, serve various purposes. Some additives can improve the agents' cooling capabilities, helping to reduce the fire's temperature, while others enhance the smothering effect by forming a more stable barrier between the fuel source and oxygen.


Some additives also increase the agents' adhesion properties, ensuring they stick to the burning materials. Moreover, corrosion inhibitors can be included to protect equipment from damage during firefighting. These additives play a crucial role in tailoring extinguishing agents to specific fire types and enhancing their overall performance, contributing to more effective fire safety measures.


Products Fire Class Lowest application temperature



Furex A

A 5°C (5%)

27 A (5%)

Fluorine free

0°C (10%)

34 A (10%)

-5°C (20%) 43 A (20%)

Furex KS 930


up to -50°C

21 A

Furex NM 940 A 5°C 21 A (2.5%) Surfactant
Furex AFFF Concentrate AB -12.8°C (1.5%)

21 A (1.5%)

183 B (1.5%)

Cartridge Concentrate  Contains fluorine

                                                                                                                  Additives for Water Extinguishers

Furex Forte Bio Plus

Watch the Furex Forte Bio Plus in Action!
Furex Forte Bio Plus is a liquid foam extinguishing agent for fire classes A and B. It does not contain anti-freeze additives and fluorine surfactants.