Fire Extinguishing Powders

Fire Extinguishing Powders are increasingly favored due to their versatility and efficiency. They can be used, with different types of devices on various materials, and have an instantaneous extinguishing impact. They do not conduct electricity, are unaffected by colder temperatures, and can be easily stored and re-filled.

                                                                                                  ABC Powder

ABC fire extinguishing agents are versatile and widely used in fire safety. These agents, which include ammonium phosphate-based compounds, are effective in combating fires involving Class A (combustible solids like wood and paper), Class B (flammable liquids like gasoline and oil), and Class C (electrical) fires. Their flexibility makes them an essential tool for fire suppression in various settings.


One of the primary advantages of ABC fire extinguishing agents is their ability to form a barrier between the fuel source and oxygen, effectively smothering the fire. When applied to a fire, these agents release a fine mist of chemicals that cools the flames and suppresses the release of flammable vapors. This combination of cooling and smothering properties makes ABC extinguishers suitable for a wide range of fire types.


Products Active Component


Furex ABC Vesta



144 B

Furex ABC 5



183 B

Furex ABC Genius MAP  11.00%  233 B

Furex ABC Spezial



233 B

Furex ABC 40 MAP 40.00% 233 B
Furex ABC 650 MAP 48.00% 233 B
Furex ABC 770 MAP 91.00% 233 B

BC fire extinguishing agents are vital tools in fire safety. These agents, typically based on sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate, are designed to combat Class B (flammable liquids and gases) and Class C (electrical) fires.


BC extinguishers work by interfering with the chemical reaction that fuels a fire, effectively smothering flames without causing damage to electrical equipment. Their non-conductive nature makes them ideal for use in electrical fires, minimizing the risk of electrical shock. BC extinguishing agents are widely used in kitchens, laboratories, and areas with electrical equipment, providing a crucial line of defense against fires involving flammable liquids and electrical hazards.


Products Active Component


Furex BCE 20

Sodium bicarbonate


113 B

Furex BCE 80

Sodium bicarbonate


233 B

Furex BCE 300

Sodium bicarbonate


233 B

Furex K Sodium bicarbonate 90.00% 233 B

                                                                                                   BC Powder

                                                                           D Powder

D fire extinguishing agents are specifically designed for Class D fires, which typically involve materials like magnesium, titanium, sodium, and other reactive metals that cannot be combatted with traditional extinguishants.


D fire extinguishing agents, usually in the form of dry powders, create a barrier between the metal and the oxygen in the air. This prevents the continuation of the combustion process. Additionally, these agents help cool the metal surface, reducing the risk of re-ignition.


While they are highly effective in suppressing metal fires, they are not suitable for other types of fires. Proper training and understanding of the specific hazards associated with reactive metals are crucial when using D agents. Their use is typically limited to industrial settings, where the risk of combustible metal fires exists, making them a critical tool in specialized fire safety measures.



Fire Class

 Furex Magna D



Furex ABC Genius

Watch the Furex ABC Genius in action!
Furex ABC Genius is protected against moisture and temperature fluctuations in a wide range of applications and is highly hydrophobic.