WeAreCaldic - Shannen Wilson

When Shannen Wilson joined Caldic in 2021, her day-to-day job consisted of working with samples for improvement and customer satisfaction. Very quickly, her skills and knowledge – along with her enthusiasm – were recognized by her peers and she began working in IT-adjacent roles. Currently, she is one of the digital ambassadors for a global digitization project that leverages data and AI to deliver a seamless user experience for our customers and other business partners.

Working in an IT-adjacent role with my marketing background has helped me step outside of my comfort zone.

In her own words, Shannen admits that her foray into the Information, Communications & Technology (ICT) world was not a conventional one. “My education and primary role at Caldic is in marketing,” she explains. “While ICT and digital solutions are key components of our marketing initiatives, with my participation in the project, I have had the opportunity to expand my exposure to ICT and work alongside our tech teams to improve our IT processes.”


Since the project is global, Shannen also brings in her expertise in marketing and exhibitions and fairs – ensuring that the market needs of North America are well represented. In turn, she shares her learnings with her team in the US and uses them to foster commercial relationships and enhance everyday processes.


She emphasizes that the lack of educational background should not be a deterrent in taking up tech-adjacent roles. “I believe they provide a fantastic opportunity to leverage one’s specific knowledge of business processes to explore a new career path in ICT or to develop soft tech skills and increase ICT knowledge by supporting a technical project. It has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone,” she adds.


“In the beginning, it was all a bit much – but this is an ever-evolving field and no amount of crash courses would have helped me. So, I am learning on the go. Working with the advancements in the ICT sphere is crucial if organizations want to evolve, innovate, and add value to the industry,” she summates.

Shannen Wilson
Marketing Associate, Caldic North America "As the Digital Ambassador for North America, I work with our Global Digital team to help develop digital solutions while leveraging my deep understanding of our business needs and processes. I am thrilled to be part of such a diverse and talented global team, and working with other inspiring women in ICT.”