#WeAreCaldic - Davide Bombardier

Davide did not like beer. Most of what he’d tasted, didn’t appeal to him at all. In 2019, Davide left his career as an IT professional to join Mr. Malt® - PAB Srl – a brewing company (part of the Caldic group) in Udine, Italy. What changed?

“I went to this festival back in 2015 and had a beer unlike anything I had tasted before. It was a revelation. I did not realize that beers could have a variety of flavors and aromas – they could have character!” 

This epiphany pushed Davide into the world of beer and motivated him to begin brewing at home. He spent most of his free time learning, researching, and attending training camps. He even won a home brewing contest in Trieste!


During this time, he went for a session at the training facility at Mr. Malt, which introduced him to fellow brewing enthusiasts who had turned their passion into a career. A few years later, he was working with them, assisting the company in sales and technical support.


He also moderated one session at the Hop and Brew School – an event bringing awareness to hops and how they are used in brewing that took place in September this year – where he stated that he was particularly enthused about the interest in the farming side of brewing.


“There was a focus on the harvest of hops that have been affected due to climate change and how farming has evolved over the years. I was surprised at how interested the audience was in the topic and realized my lack of knowledge. There is still so much I have to learn.”


Davide Bombardier
Sales and Technical Support, Mr. Malt® - PAB Srl “Working at Mr. Malt is thrilling. I get to learn more about a topic that has captivated me in recent years. I meet fellow brewers, visit other breweries, and even brainstorm ideas for new beers!”                                                                                                                  As he spends his day-to-day with professional, experienced brewers, Davide hasn’t let go of his love for home brewing.                                                                                                                            “I plan to expand and experiment further. I have been looking into new equipment and want to bring my product to the same level as any other professional brewer.”