Caldic's Cleanroom Services

Ensuring Purity in Repacked Pharma Solvents by Minimizing Contamination Risks

In the pharmaceutical industry, the purity of solvents used in the production of medication is essential for the safety and efficacy of medical treatments. Even the most minuscule contamination can lead to significant health risks. Hence, the quest by pharmaceutical players for supply chain partners that can meet the highest safety and regulatory standards, known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard is increasing. Against this backdrop, Caldic is fast emerging as a leader in customized pharma solvent repacking, providing unparalleled cleanroom repacking services that follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards—a testament to the commitment to safeguard pharmaceutical integrity.

The Cleanroom Edge: A Technical Insight

At the heart of Caldic's cleanroom services is contamination prevention. The GMP-standard facilities are a beacon of precision and technical expertise to minimize contamination risks. Caldic's repacking cleanrooms are designed for purity, where seasoned specialists oversee the journey of solvents from bulk delivery to meticulous repacking in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) or drums. The commitment to solvent purity is reflected in the two primary types of pharma-grade repacking services Caldic offers:


- Pharmacopeia Grade Repacking: This service specifically addresses the excipients, medicinal chemistry and synthesis market, where high-quality solvents are repacked with precision. These solvents may not directly contribute to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production, however their role in maintaining medicine quality is key.


- GMP Standard Repacking: Caldic's GMP-standard services cater to global API and intermediates producers who demand the smallest batch sizes without compromising on quality -This service offers the highest quality assurance in solvent repacking.

Caldic's Commitment to Care

Our commitment to safety is reflected in the ethos that articulates our purpose 'because we care.' This commitment ensures we adhere to the highest pharmaceutical safety standards in our operations. In partnership with global pharmaceutical producers, we have relentlessly pursued excellence in quality assurance measures. To this end, we invested in Pharma-grade solvent repacking services in our Belgian premises, based near Antwerp. A state-of-the-art cleanroom and repacking facility is available to deliver top-quality products that enable our partners to reduce the risk of contamination in the manufacturing of their medicines to the absolute minimum.

Why Caldic's Service Is Essential Now – Our unique GMP-qualified repacking services

Caldic’s unique high-caliber offering in repacking for GMP and Pharmacopeia-grade solvents is unmatched in Europe. The process, whereby solvents arrive in bulk, are meticulously repacked, and shipped in IBCs, drums, or custom packaging, is governed by the most stringent procedures to negate contamination risks. It is essential for Pharmaceutical companies to recognize the dangers of contamination in repacking solvents and ensure these processes occur under GMP-standard conditions to avoid the direct consequences of medicinal recalls or consumer claims.

Beyond the Cleanroom: Comprehensive QA Strategies

Caldic's dedication to risk minimization and solvent purity extends beyond the walls of the cleanroom. One of these measures is Pre-sampling in a dedicated GMP environment, thus taking away the additional risk of contamination and removing the need for sampling by the customers themselves.


In addition, Caldic provides IBCs with direct connections to customers' production lines. The meticulous use of these so called "dry-break couplings" in the packaging process—featuring male and female components that click together—further reinforces the barrier against potential impurities that secures solvent integrity throughout the process, demonstrating a thorough approach to quality assurance. These additional steps underscore Caldic's holistic approach: ensuring solvents meet the highest purity standards before incorporating them into the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

A Dedication to Excellence

In an industry where excellence is paramount, Caldic's commitment to providing GMP-standard cleanroom services sets the benchmark for service reliability. Through customized solutions, unparalleled technical acumen, and exhaustive risk management protocols, we ensure that pharmaceutical companies can rely on high-purity solvents to deliver safe and effective medication to those who depend on them.


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