Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Creativity and Innovation are essential to producing goods and services with smaller carbon footprints. As an innovative distribution solutions provider in the food ingredients and specialty chemicals space, we partner with businesses that share our sustainability ambitions and, at the same time, ensure that the services we provide contribute to our customers’ environmental credentials. We believe incorporating ecological alternatives in various stages of the production process can make a significant difference to any carbon footprint.

Developing an eco-friendly solution to a solvent-based paint helped in reducing VOC emissions and is the perfect illustration of our focus on sustainability in daily operations.

Our Thai customer was involved in a large-scale construction project that aimed for net zero carbon emissions while also wanting to achieve the highest quality standards. They were to supply the wood paint for the entire project and required a water-based substitute with low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Our expert team from Connell Caldic Thailand was more than ready to support the customer only to find that the project had a strict deadline of 45 days. This was quite the challenge. Paints used for wood coatings are generally solvent-based and thus come at an environmental cost. Due to the time constraint, readily available products were initially advised for use, but the test result revealed an unsatisfactory finish – affecting the overall performance – as well as longer drying and sanding time.

The technical team stepped in and used their expertise to reformulate an existing product sample from a principal. They reworked its composition to meet the project’s sustainability goals and stringent quality standards, meticulously testing the formulation to make sure it met all the stipulated specifications from the customer. Once all the criteria were fulfilled, the customer had the perfect water-based wood coating solution!

Connell Caldic Thailand's research to support its customer epitomizes the importance of innovation in addressing the pressing need for environmentally friendly product substitutes.

Panya Verachiowchanchai
Panya Verachiowchanchai
Marketing Manager, Connell Caldic Thailand For the innovation and the successful completion of the project, the Connell Caldic Thailand team won Caldic's Global Excellence Award for Sustainability.