Optimizing thermoplastic polymer parameters, to improve product properties and processing

INEOS Styrolution styrenic modifiers

Thermoplastic polymers touch nearly all aspects of modern life. From pipes and tanks in the construction industry, bumpers and dashboards in the automotive to electrical goods such as TVs, and phones in the consumer market. All these goods contain various types of thermoplastic polymers, designed for multiple usage. In this polymeric age, it is beneficial to modify the properties of the polymer either to improve processing or enhance end products while aiming to lower the environmental impact of producing plastic solutions.

Desired properties through polymer modification

While the world’s attention turns to sustainable solutions, plastics can contribute in many ways. Whether it is reducing material usage, lengthening the lifespan of products or parts, or increasing the reuse and recycling of plastic materials, polymer modifiers can help achieve these objectives. Due to their lightweight nature thermoplastics require less energy, and for example when applied in automobiles can help improve fuel efficiency.

Evidently, many benefits can be achieved through polymer modification. Improving the stiffness of a product for instance can lead to weight reduction and use of less raw materials. Greater UV resistance means that the part can last for longer, while improving processability results in more products being produced with a lower energy consumption per unit. The low density of styrenics can also help achieve light weight transportation for reducing transportation costs, particularly in vehicles where weight reduction contributes to lower emissions. Caldic Europe, together with INEOS Styrolution, offers a range of products developed to improve key attributes of different types of polymers. The polymer modifiers address the needs of compounders and converters to enhance product properties.

Brand new modifier powder grade range

Tim Mills, Business Development Manager Plastics and Rubber Caldic Europe, comments, “INEOS Styrolution has developed a unique range of polymer modifiers which are available in powder form. The powders include a range of chemistries that enhance our customers’ products according to their specific needs. Caldic has worked with Ineos in the last 12 months to produce and put in place in a central hub that stocks all new grades, ensuring the materials are available for sampling, trials and commercial sales”.

In function of the specific application, the type of thermoplastic used, and the targeted improvement attribute, the most appropriate polymer modifier is selected. Translating the customer needs into requirements and subsequently finding the right match in modifier products is what Tim Mills is excited about. “Together with INEOS Styrolution, Caldic offers a range of powder grades for polymer modification that support our customers in improving their targeted product properties to optimize both existing and future application designs.”

Specifications Ineos powder grades products

The INEOS Styrolution product range: Luran® (SAN), Luran® High Heat (AMSAN), Luran S® (ASA), Novodur® (ABS), Novodur® High Heat (ABS HIGH HEAT), Styrolux® (SBC), Styroflex® (SBC), NAS® (SMMA) are supplied by Caldic/INEOS Styrolution which can be used to modify thermoplastic polymers such as ABS, ASA, PBT, PC, PP, R-PVC, S-PVC, SAN, SBC, TPE and TPU.