Hop & Brew School at        Mr. Malt

The customers were enthralled to experience these newly harvested hops that are commonly used in brewing IPA, APA, and NEIPA beer styles. 

Ever wondered what it’s like to smell freshly harvested hop? Brewing enthusiasts and market leaders at the Hop & Brew School got the chance to do just that.

Our key principal, Yakima Chief Hops® brought freshly harvested hops collected in September all the way from the US to the Mr. Malt – P.A.B. S.r.l location in Italy to give brewing and hop enthusiasts an opportunity to indulge their sensory buds and experience hops directly from their farms.


The Hop & Brew School® is an annual event organized by Yakima Chief Hops consisting of harvest updates, discussion panels, and workshops to share the importance of hops in the brewing process. We were honored to host the first Italian edition this year at the spacious Mr. Malt – P.A.B. S.r.l premises in Udine, Italy. The event was attended by professional brewers consisting mostly of potential and existing customers.


The moderated brewers' panel discussion hosted key opinion leaders from Italy, New Zealand, and the UK, who shared their valuable knowledge and insight on the current trends in the hops and brewing industry.

Stimulating the senses!

Amid presentations, engaging Q&As, and training, the event had a dedicated space for participants to understand how to use hops as well as partake in a sensory analysis of freshly harvested samples. They went in the traditional way: sniffing the samples to take in the aroma and rubbing them with their palms to feel their texture. The method allows one to familiarize themselves with the color, moisture, and other components of the hop that give beer its characteristic citrusy, floral, spicy aromas, and bitter taste. The customers were enthralled to experience these hops that are commonly used in brewing IPA, APA, and NEIPA beer styles.

Our colleagues found their enthusiasm had no bounds as they pulled out all stops to help organize the event. With our location – the Mr. Malt World – lending itself to accommodate a lively, engaging crowd, they took every opportunity to work with the principal to build successful, collaborative partnerships that would also benefit the customers.


From the initial response and the feedback post the event, we can definitely state that the 2023 Hop & Brew School Italy was a resounding success!



                                      Patrizia Zanier

                          Patrizia Zanier, Managing Director, Mr. Malt

"Hop & Brew School® Italy brewers were inspired by meeting worldwide hops and brewing specialists and learning about innovative products for their future creations. It was brilliant to connect US hops growers with Italian brewers: a truly sensory experience from farm to pint!”

About Mr. Malt

Mr. Malt – P.AB. S.r.l is a state-of-the-art brewing company that offers a wide selection of products and even training services. Based in Italy, their dynamic team works with a network of suppliers and retailers to offer value-added services and inspiring solutions for craft breweries, home brewers, and retailers. Mr. Malt is a subsidiary of Caldic.

Immerse yourself in the Hop and Brew experience!