Duque de Caxias leads the way in work safety!

‘Safety First’ is a phrase that is so interspersed in our daily operations at Caldic that it may as well be our unofficial motto. This is largely due to the work put in by our dedicated Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) teams that have implemented a wide range of programs and hardline rules both globally and locally. 

The achievement of the Duque de Caxias site, a distribution center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is still an exception. Since 2010, the site has not even recorded a minor incident. In October 2023, they decided that this deservedly warrants a celebration – after all, they hold a record that is a first for the entire Caldic organization. No unlucky 13s here to dampen their spirit. Six months later, the record is still going strong.


Duque de Caxias’ accomplishment is the result of a proactive effort and collaboration from the management as well as the employees. It exemplifies Caldic’s commitment to safety but also the dedication of our colleagues to fostering a culture where everyone takes ownership and prioritizes it.

Duque de Caxias’ team (LATAM)

"Duque de Caxias is proof that we can achieve a zero-incident rate!"

“We are all very proud of the team,” says Henk Boden, Global QHSE Director. “They are proof that our target of Zero Lost-Time Incidents is realistic. They have been doing this for 13 years!” Lost-time incidents or injuries (LTIs) refer to the loss of work time by a worker due to injury.


Henk, along with his fellow QHSE colleagues, has been instrumental in laying out programs such as Behavior-Based Safety – wherein potential incidents are averted through the maintenance of a thorough record of risky behaviors and corresponding corrective actions. The +Safety Program – a rewards-based initiative that recognizes colleagues who demonstrate safety practices and behaviors. Other programs include the Zero Incident Program, the Internal Incident Prevention Commission, and the Life-Saving Rules provide clear behavioral guidance.


As Sergio Aguiar, the Operations Manager for the site rightfully explains: “This milestone confirms our culture of safety. We truly embody Because We Care as a policy and value for the continuing success of Caldic. We are on the right path.”